The Future of Agriculture lies in Hydroponics

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The Future of Agriculture lies in Hydroponics

Hydroponics is a modern agricultural technique to grow plants with the right liquid medium.

Farming via hydroponics enables the nurseries to grow using less amount of water and also saves a lot of space through cultivation.

Water usage is reduced by about 82% in hydroponics as compared to normal agricultural methods. On an average 1 Kg of tomato would need 400 litres of water, whereas, through hydroponics 1 Kg of tomato would only need 70 litres of water.

The space requirement is also very less and it is easier to maintain. A terrace space would also be sufficient for growing plants. Hydroponics mainly requires nutrient solutions and inert media.

Maintaining a hydroponics set-up is also comparatively convenient because of the fertilisation and watering occurring at the same time.

Usually plants get affected by over-watering or under-watering. The water tends to get clogged in the soil which results in the roots remaining wet which creates an antitoxic condition where roots find it difficult to breathe. Meanwhile, in a Hydroponics set-up, the water is circulated continuously. Hence, the antitoxic condition is prevented and the roots are allowed to breathe.

Trellis Horticulture specialises in
making products that can be used
actively by Hydroponics growers. We
also ensure that our packaging enables
the Hydroponic resellers to directly add
our products to their store shelves
without any additional effort.
We believe
in constantly adapting and updating ourselves
along with the technological advancements in
the industry.

We ensure the products provide convenience to the growers, hence we package them in various sizes – 5kg blocks, 650 grams blocks, loose pith.

We also provide inert media in the form of discs and plugs suitable for hydroponics.

And all our products are OMRI certified.

We will also be introducing Jute grow bags which will be environmentally friendly as well as be conducive for hydroponic growers.

Hydroponics is still a growing and developing technique and there is a lot to discover. We, at Trellis believe that it can change the way the entire agricultural industry operates.

There are a lot of learning opportunities in Hydroponics and Trellis believes it can change the Agricultural landscape.

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