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Our Strong Infrastructure Support Helps us Serve Our Customers Better Each Day

Our Research & Development facility and factory set-up is well equipped with high quality testing and packing facilities. At Trellis, our main objective is to deliver and fulfil any and all kinds of customer requirements. The materials undergo various levels of testing at our factory and laboratory to ensure optimal parameters before presenting it to the customer.

Research & Development

Three Stage Testing Method

Our unique 3ST – Three Stage Testing process ensures triple confirmation on the parameters like expansion and EC.
Our unique 3ST – Three Stage Testing process includes:

  • Testing the blocks at our manufacturing unit
  • Second, at our packing factory
  • Third at our laboratory in the headquarters

Application-Centric Horticulture Products

Our in-house laboratory helps us do a quality and quantity check on our products to ensure the best service to our customers. A thorough research and study conducted by our Horticulture Experts at our laboratory has helped us identify the various needs of our customers. This further led to the development of application-centric horticulture products based on the understanding that different plants have different requirements.

Our Factory

In-house Machinery for Packaging and Labelling

We are constantly working on improving the product as well as the packaging. Packaging at Trellis is completely automated. This ensures reduction in the inconsistency of packaging. The in-house machinery installation gives us more control on the quality of the packaging. It helps us supervise and manage the size and weight of the products to match our client’s requirements and specifications.

5S Certified Infrastructure

Our infrastructure is 5S Certified. We at Trellis Horticulture, follow the ‘5S’ Lean Management Technique for organising and managing our inventory at our warehouse and offices. It helps us to increase efficiency and productivity by eliminating unnecessary processes and structuring our way of working.

Automated Pallet Traceability Process

We also have an automated pallet traceability process, where we can trace each and every pallet to its source, which is then aligned with the testing processes using our unique 3WT (Three Way Testing) method. All processes, from the fumigation of pallets to the loading of containers done under direct supervision to ensure stringent quality standards.

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