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Well, Cocopeat is a derivative of coconut husk a natural material and India is the largest producer of coconut. Cocopeat is considered the best medium for gardening. It is light in weight and therefore very portable for home use. Hence, Cocopeat is most choice of home gardeners and substrate manufacturers.

Highlights of Using Cocopeat

One of the many highlights of Cocopeat is that it has a very stable PH value between 5.5 to 6.5. Many home plants require the media to be acidic and hence cocopeat is the best Medium for them. And, the lower EC levels help in the best nutrient fixation. Moreover, Cocopeat is essential if you want to ensure smell-free composting at home.

People who are passionate about home gardening usually like making their medium for plants. All they have to do is buy a pack of coco peat, add water and mix it with nutrients and use it for their plants. This process is much easier as compared to the usual ways of creating a soil mix. For example, a 5kg block of Coco peat can give 70 litres of growing media, and similarly, a 650gm block can give about 10 litres of media.
These highlights and the effective nature of cocopeat act as a boon for garden lovers. Therefore, to ensure ease of use for the home gardener, we have curated eight different types of retail packing already, and we are happy to further customize them to suit the needs of every garden lover.
Our products are first sold to retailers across the world. They can request their private label on the product. This reduces printing and labelling costs on the retailers’ end.
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