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Ornamental and Other Plant Nurseries

With our ultimate goal of bringing greenery to everyone through gardening, we researched sustainable products started exporting coir products in 2011.

In 2019 we established ourselves as Trellis Horticulture International to cater specially to ornamental growing and also expanding products to promote sustainable gardening.

A detailed study of the coco pith market gave us a thorough understanding of the different requirements within the Ornamental Nurseries themselves.

The pH value of growing media is very important for the healthy growth of plants. Plants grow best when the pH is near 7 (neutral) or slightly above 7 (alkaline). The challenge with peat moss is that it is acidic by nature with a pH value below 5 and as rectification, lime is added to it to increase the pH value. As a result of this method, the pH value of peat moss is not the same each time and is extremely inconsistent. Due to this it requires an expert to monitor and manage this process. This may lead to additional overhead costs for the growers and an increase in the time required.


LoSal coco pith has less salinity and lower electrical conductivity along with an expansion of 14-15 liters per kilogram making it best suitable for ornamental plants growing.


Hi-Pure is one of our superior pith – triple washed without impurities and expansion of 15-16 liters per kilogram best suited for seedling nurseries – for propagation and young plants.


El-Con with consistent electric conductivity and expansion with lower fiber is applicable for potting mix and substrate manufacturing. It gives an expansion of 16 liters per kilogram.

Peat Pro

Peat Pro is an economical growing media with electric conductivity that is > 1 with an expansion of 14 liters per kilogram – used for plant growing as well as substrate manufacturing.

Feliz Plus

Feliz Plus is unwashed coco peat resulting in higher electric conductivity and is best used for animal bedding and nurseries with a washing facility to lower the EC.


Landfill is also unwashed and recommended for conditioning and rehabilitation of lands We are the only one in the industry to supply application-specific products. We also enable retailers with mixed brands in a container enabling them to target versatile customer segments.

We have built a traceability system that enables us to provide a guarantee for Electrical Conductivity and Expansion for each and every pallet in a container, creating a trustability factor with our customers

We supply to more than 50 customers
across 35+ international markets.
aim to be the best brand in the market within
the Ornamental Nursery segment. We
want to ensure everyone benefits from our
horticultural products.

With a vision to have plants around everyone with our products, we have launched “Trellis Bliss” – a unique brand that caters to the Home gardening market internationally.

For regular updates and more informative articles, stay tuned. We would also love to connect with you on Facebook and Instagram at @trellishorticulture (Twitter: @TrellisCoco).

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