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Open Top Planter Grow Bags

Open Top Planter Grow Bags
(Bag Type - Open)

We supply open type ready to use coco peat planter bags. These are not only easy to use but the bags can be reused too. The open grow bags are ready made planters with growing medium. They are designed in such a way to sustain one or two cultivations. The media can be easily replaced and the bags can be used. This is mostly used in small nurseries. Media additions are easy in this type of product.

Advantages of using Grow Bags

Saves time and eliminates laborious task of filling the media in planters or bags.
Easy to transport and easy to install.

We offer grow bags in different capacities as mentioned below:

6L Grow Bags
3L Grow Bags
10L Grow Bags
15L Grow Bags


  • Vegetables
  • Plants
  • Leafy Vegetables
  • Flowers
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Our brands:

Trellis 3L Peat Bag
Trellis 6L Peat Bag
Product Name : Open Top Bag / Ready To Use Planter Bag
Hs Code: 53050040
Volume 3 Ltrs 6 Ltrs 10 Ltrs 15 Ltrs
Unit Weight 240 gram 475 gram 700gram 1000gram
Moisture 10- 15%
Compression Ratio 4:1
Electrical Conductivity Low EC : < 0.6 mS / cm | High EC : >0.8mS/cm
PH 5.8 to 6.8
Drain Cuts 4 Nos
Drain Holes 16 Nos
Material 100% Coco peat
Bag Specification Bag: Co-extruded 400/500/600gauge Polythene
UV treated for 2 to 3 years Printed in single color/Multi color
Packing Specification 1) Carton Box Packing Blocks are packed in a Carton Box
2) Pallet Packing Blocks are arranged in a Pallet