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Needle Felt Mat

Needle Felt Mat

Coir needled felt mats are non-woven mats made from 100% coir fibre. The fibre is selected, dried and then weaved in the needle felt machine for required thickness. Then the needle is punched to achieve the desired degree of compaction.

The fibre is bonded to form long sheets. Needled felt mats have excellent moisture absorption capacity and water retention characteristics. It is an ideal medium for plant growth. It is also used for lawn development and landscaping.

We supply coir needle felt mats of various sizes and thicknesses. The mats are packed in HDPE bags in 30 to 50 metre rolls. We also offer mats packed in sheets.


Needle felt mat with jute netting
Needle felt mat with PP netting
Single side or double side rubberised mat


Environmental Friendly
Easy laying
Easy rooting for plants
Soil Friendly
Water retention capability


Used majorly for soil rehabilitation on river beds
To grow plants and trees on river beds
Used as bedding for animals
Flooring substitute, mattress pad or as an upholstery product
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Product Name : Coir Needle Felt Mat
HS CODE 57023220
GSM 400 to 1200 GSM
Thickness 5mm to 15 mm
Length up to 30 Meter
Width 1 mtr, 1.2 mtr, 1.4 mtr, 2 mtr
Type Needle felt mat with Jute netting, Needle Felt mat with PP netting,
Latex Type Single Side or Double side Ruberized
Material Selected and dried coir fiber weaved in the felt machine.
Packaging Packed in 30 to 50 meter rolls packing in HDPE bags and packed in sheets