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Jute Geotextile

Jute Geotextile

Jute geotextiles are one of the most versatile jute products available with large-scale applications. It is made from man-made geotextiles called geo synthetics. It finds application in controlling erosion, embankment stabilization and agriculture.

We offer three types of jute geotextiles which are open mesh woven type, typical woven type and typical non-woven type. All the rolls we offer are packed in HDPE bags.




Erosion control, separation, filtration and drainage in civil engineering work and agricultural uses.
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Product Name : Jute Geotextiles
HS CODE 56089090
Types Open mesh woven JGT (control of surficial erosion), Typical Woven JGT (for separation & filtration), Typical Nonwoven JGT (for filtration & drainage)
Packaging All rolls packed in HDPE Bags
Certification Fumigation & Phytosanitary certification will be done at no extra charges while loading the logs in the container. Any other quality certificates can be done on request and additional charges are applicable for the same.
Specification Open mesh woven JGT (control of surficial erosion) Typical Woven JGT (for separation & filtration) Typical Nonwoven JGT (for filtration & drainage)
Weight (g/m2) 292-730 760-1200 500-1000
Threads/dm ( MD x CD) 12-7 x 12-7 102 x 39 -
Thickness (mm) '3-7 '2-3 '4-8
Open area (%) 80 - -
Width (cm) 122 76 150
Strength (kN/m) ( MD x CD) 10-12 x 10-12 20-25 x 20 4-7 x 5-7
Elongation at break (%) ( MD x CD) 8 x10 10 x10 20 x 25
Pore size ( Micron) - 300-150 500-300
Coefficient of water permittivity (10-3 m/s) - - 3.4-0.34
Water permeability at 10cm. water head (l/m2/s) - 50-20 -
Puncture resistance (N/cm2) - 380-400 -
Water holding capacity (% on dry weight basis) 400-500 - -
Durability (yrs.) Max. 2 '1-4 1