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Husk Chips Blocks

Husk Chips Blocks

We offer 100% Husk Chips Blocks (5kg). These are perfect mixtures and come with more sieve sizes variants. Husk Chips blocks are preferred for growing plants which require good aeration for the roots. These are also organic alternative for perlite and vermiculite.

In order to make Husk Chips Blocks the coconut shells are cut into chips and sieved in sieves to separate the different sized coconut shell chips.

The husk chips blocks are mainly used to prepare potting mix and used for plants that require more aeration for the roots. It is also used to spread on the ground to prevent weed growth and retain moisture. In Green houses these are used in making potting mix. This product is more natural but the durability of this is less than 6 months and has to be replenished.


  • Vegetables
  • Plants
  • Leafy Vegetables
  • Flowers
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Product Name Coconut Husk Chips & Mixed Blocks
HS CODE 53050040
Block Dimension 30X30X10 cm
Unit Weight (+/- 3%) 4.5 kg
Electrical Conductivity Low EC : < 0.6 mS / cm | High EC : >0.8mS/cm
PH 5.8 to 6.8
Moisture 10% to 15 %
Compression Ratio 5:1
Chips Size 3-6 mm / 6-12 mm / 12-18 mm / 18-25 mm
Impurities <2%
MIXES OFFERED 1) 100% Husk Chips 2) 70% Husk Chips + 30% Coco Peat 3) 50% Husk Chips + 50% Coco Peat 4) 60% Husk Chips + 40% Coco Peat
Type Packing Loadability
Pallet Packing 220 Blocks arranged on the Pallet and then covered by plastic wrap and strapped with tape 4840 Blocks | 22 MT per 40 HC container