Customer Adaptable Technology

Many a time horticulture technology solutions do not suit every climatic condition. At Trellis we understand that each climate and geographic area has its own unique solutions.

Growers across geographies are continually pursuing ways to enhance the quality of their products and their yield. Research has shown that when technology is effectively adapted to suit specific climatic and socio-economic conditions, it helps optimize resource utilization.

We invest significant resources towards developing and adapting technologies that suit specific geographic areas. Trellis team of professionals, undertake constant research and innovate based on the industry need and demand. They develop, adapt the latest technology and they also develop products to suit various geographies.

For instance, we adapt the greenhouse technology and designs to suit regional climatic and market conditions and customize specific functionalities based on the market needs. For example, if a greenhouse has been built primarily for growing tomatoes the technology can be adapted and customized to also grow other vegetables. This adaption and customization will help deliver greenhouse yields with maximum financial benefit for the business.