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Coir Wattles

Coir Wattles

Coir wattles are long knitted coir nettings filled with coir fiber. The coir wattles we supply are made from cleaned mattress coir fiber. It is ideal for sediment control during construction. The netting around the wattles is made from bristle coir twine.

It is commonly used in restoration and construction site activities. At Trellis, we export coir wattles in various sizes. The installation procedure is less labour intensive and coir wattles are 100% biodegradable.


100% Natural Coir Fiber
Safe for the Environment
Reusable, natural and 100% Biodegradable
Helps protect storm drains and curb inlets
Low Maintenance
Strong and Durable Outer Netting
No Removal or Disposal Costs


Slope length reduction in steep slopes and storm water runoff control.
Water diversion channels
Sediment control for construction projects
It is also used for landscaping and water draining.
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Product Name : Coir Wattle
HS CODE 53110019
Diameter (available in 3 variants) 6" (15 cm), 9" (23 cm), 12" (30 cm)
Length (available in 3 variants) 15 ft ( 4.6 m), 15 / 20 ft ( 4.6 m / 6 m), 10 ft ( 3 m )
Weight 0.65 lbs/lf (1 kg/m), 1.5 lbs/LF (2.24 kg/m), 3 lbs/LF (4.5 kg/m)
Fiber Mattress coir fiber
Type of Netting Bristle coir twine 2" x 2" (5 cm x 5 cm)
Strength 60 lbs (267 N), 90 lbs (400 N)
Certification Fumigation & Phytosanitary certification will be done at no extra charges while loading the logs in the container. Any other quality certificates can be done on request and additional charges are applicable for the same.