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Coir Plant Pots

Coir Plant Pots

Available in versatile product design the coir pots are made from 100% coirfiber with twelve months durability. The coir pots are made from selected coir fiber by compressing it in a dye with rubber coating. These are used for growing plants in home garden, indoor garden and nursery exclusively for its aesthetic value.

100% natural product and bio-degradable
Available in different dimensions


  • Vegetables
  • Plants
  • Leafy Vegetables
  • Flowers
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Product Name Coir Pot
HS Code 56029010
Top Dia (in cm) 12 15 20
Bottom Dia (in cm) 8 11 15
Height (in cm) 10 11 16
Weight per cup (In Gram) 55-65 95-110 180-195
Thickness (in cm) 0.5 0.5 0.5
Material These products are made with coconut fiber with rubberized latex
Packing types 1. Individual Packing Single Piece Labelled Packing and arranged in the Cartonx Box
2. Bulk Packing Normal Packing with out label and arranged in the Carton Box
Customization Any size diameter and thickness can be supplied with a minimum order quantity