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Coir Plant Pole

Coir Plant Pole

The coir plant pole is mainly used for growing creepers for which more moisture is required. The planting and growing of creepers is made very easy with the use of our biodegradable plant pole.

The eco-friendly plant pole makes it easy for watering the plants. It also ensures sufficient availability of water for the plant as the pole stays moist for a long time. Plant poles are made of coir mats wound on the plastic pipes of wooden rods.

100% Natural plant pole made from natural coir fiber
Use coir plant pole allows the roots of the creepers to have better grip on the pole when compared to wooden pole and PVC pole

Types of Products

Plant pole with plastic tube
Plant pole with wooden rod

The coir plant pole is used in plant nurseries, horticulture farms, indoor and outdoor horticulture decor. These are widely used for growing money plant and other creepers.


  • Vanilla Orchid
  • Ornamental Creepers
  • Money Plant
  • Ornamental Flowering Plants Climbers
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Product Name : Weed Control Mat (Mulch Mat)
HS Code 56029010
Standard Diameter (in Inches) 2" | 8" | 11" | 15" | 16"
Thickness (in Inches) 0.2"
Type Natural | Single side Rubberized |Double Side rubberized
Material Pressed and later coated coir fiber
Packing types 1. Individual Packing Single Piece Labelled Packing and arranged in the Cartonx Box
2. Bulk Packing Normal Packing with out label and arranged in the Carton Box
Customization Any size diameter and Thickness can be supplied with a minimum order quantity