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Coir Log

Coir Log

The cylindrical coir log we manufacture are stuffed with coir fiber and then covered with geo textiles with 36 months durability. The Coir Logs acts as water stoppers and prevents the eroding of soil especially in slopes and terrace cultivation. These are also used to stabilize shorelines or stream banks and prevent further soil erosion.

The Bio-Degradable Coir Log's durability is longer when compared to other natural products. These are very easy to install and have improved specification with water drain. The coir log is also widely used by landscaping companies


  • Terrace Cultivation
  • Controlling Soil Erosion
  • Soil Protection
  • Landscaping
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Product Name : COIR LOGS
HS CODE 53110019
Material Woven matting of coir made from high strength coir fiber
Colour Natural Brown
Diameter Available in 200mm & 300mm
Length 3m (meter)
Packing Types Poly Bag Packing & Shrink Wrap Packing
200mm Coir Log 280 pieces (per 40 HC Container)
300mm Coir Log 600 pieces (per 40 HC Container)