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Coir Log With Poly Proplene Netting

Coir Log With Poly Proplene Netting

At Trellis, we export soil erosion control logs filled with coir fiber. The logs are long knotted coir yarns with polypropylene netting. The inner core is made from 100% coconut fibre while the outer netting is made from polypropylene.

They are mainly used for canal, stream, pond and lake bank stabilization. The logs last log depending on the weather condition, average life span ranges from 2 to 5 years. The coir logs with polypropylene netting are more durable compared to the regular coir logs.

The coir logs are available in 1.5m and 3m with different diameters such as 200mm and 300mm.


100% Natural Coir Fiber
Effectively holds seeds and saplings
Adds fertility to soil after
Excellent air and water permeability
Naturally resistant to salt water
Requires no chemical treatment
Safe for surrounding wildlife


Catch basin protection
Shoreline stability and forest slope rehabilitation
Storm water runoff control
River bank stability
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Product Name : Coir Logs with Polypropylene Netting
HS CODE 53110019
Diameter (available in two variants) 200mm, 300mm
Length (available in two variants) 1.5m, 3m
Custom Size Available on request on MOQ
Type of Netting 3 ply heavy duty Poly propylene
Mesh Size 2" x 2" Diamond Shape
Inner core  100% Coconut Cut Fiber
Outer netting 3 ply Poly propylene netting
Longevity   2 to 5 years (Durability depends on the weather conditions)
Certification Fumigation & Phytosanitary certification will be done at no extra charges while loading the logs in the container. Any other quality certificates can be done on request and additional charges are applicable for the same.
Packaging (Loadbility per 40 HQ Container)
Log length 300mm Diameter log
200mm Diameter log
1.5m coir log 510 no
510 no
3m coir log 280 no
600 no