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Coir Hanging Planters

Coir Hanging Planters

The coir hanging planters we supply comes with twelve months durability. Coir hanging baskets is available in different varieties and it is mainly used for growing short root plants indoor. These are known for its aesthetic value and priced a little higher than the normal pots.

We offer coir planters with a lot of fancy hanger varieties. The coir basket is made from selected coir fiber coated with rubber and then compressed. Then the coir basket is placed in metal hangers.

100% Natural
Bio-degradable and eco-friendly
Widely used for indoor home gardening


  • Ornamental Flowers
  • Garden Plants and Orchids
  • Ornamental Grass
  • Ornamental Bonsai
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Product Name : Coir Basket
HS Code 56029010
Standard Top Diameter 10" 12" 14"
Thickness 0.5cms 0.5cms 0.5cms
Basket Weight 240gm 300gm 350gm
Hanger Weight 400gm 450gm 500gm
Hanger Powder coated metal hanger
Material Products is made of Coir fiber compressed with rubber latex
Packing types 1. Individual Packing Single Piece Labelled Packing and arranged in the Cartonx Box
2. Bulk Packing Normal Packing with out label and arranged in the Carton Box
Customization Any size diameter and Thickness can be supplied with a minimum order quantity