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Coir Germination Cups

Coir Germination Cups

We supply coir cups for seed germination. These are made from selected coir fiber treated with rubber and compressed to desired shape with the help of a pressing machine. We offer Coco Coir Seed Germination Cup in square type and round type and these are used in nurseries for seed germination especially when direct replanting is the prime requirement.

The coir seed germination cups are preferred over plastic seed germination cups because of the coir germination cups are:

100% Natural
Bio-degradable and eco-friendly
Allows maximum growth of the roots
Requires no replanting
The sapling can be planted directly into a large growing media along with the eco-friendly coir germination cup.

Coir Germination Cups are used for germinating seeds of:

  • Vegetables
  • Plants
  • Leafy Vegetables
  • Flowers
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Product Name : Coir Seed germination cup
HS Code 56029010
Standard Top Diameter 7cms
Standard Bottom Diameter 3.5cms
Height 5cms
Thickness 0.5cms
Weight per cup 8 to 10 grams
Material Product is made of coir fiber pressed with rubber latex
Packing types 1. Individual Packing Single Piece Labelled Packing and arranged in the Cartonx Box
2. Bulk Packing Normal Packing with out label and arranged in the Carton Box
Customization Any size diameter and Thickness can be supplied with a minimum order quantity