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Coir Geotextile

Coir Geotextile

We supply best quality eco-friendly Coir Geotextiles for controlling soil erosion and landscaping. The coir ropes are woven in criss cross to make web like geo textile mat. The eco-friendly coir geo textiles help in preventing soil erosion and stabilize sea shorelines or river stream banks.

These are sturdy, bio degradable and a boon for terrace cultivation. The specification of natural fiber geo-textile can be customized with respect to the specific requirement as well as the slope of the cultivation land.

Our organic geo textiles act as a layer between the soil and the plantation. It protects the slopes and terrace and prevents erosion of soil. The organic nature of the coir fiber aids in holding enough water that in turn help the soil and plant to stay conditioned for long while.

Our Coir Geo-textile is widely used for landscaping. These are spread as a layer below the soil for growing grass, ornamental plants and other landscaping plants. The coconut fiber geo-textiles are spread on river banks to prevent soil sliding.


  • Soil Protection
  • Controlling Soil Sliding
  • Terrace Cultivation
  • Landscaping
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Product Name : Coir Geotextiles
HS CODE 53110015
Mass/Unit Area, g/m2 Min 400 700 900
Mesh size, mm, Max 20.0 x 16.75 7.50 x 7.30 4.2 x 5.1
Length 50 m or as required
Width ,m ,min 1m or as required
Thickness at 20 kPa, mm, Min 6.5
Color Brown & Natural
Material Woven matting of coir made from high strength coir fiber
Machine Winding
Roll Size GSM 40 HQ Container
2 m x 50 m and 3 m x 50 m 400 24000 SQ METER
700 14000 SQ METER
900 13000 SQ METER
Hand Winding
Roll Size GSM 40 HQ Container
2 m x 50 m and 3 m x 50 m 400 14000 SQ METER
700 11000 SQ METER
900 9000 SQ METER
All rolls packed in HDPE Bags