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Coir Beds

Coir Beds

At Trellis, we supply a very apt root developing system for plants made of 100% coconut fiber. These plant beds is made of coir textiles on the outside and stuffed with fibers inside gives plants all the comforts to grow.

These coir beds comes with high water holding capacity of mattress coir, thus keeping roots moist in dry weather conditions. The strong, durable bristle coir twine case holds coir medium for extended times and makes handling easier. The coir beds comes in standard size, thickness, density and it is bio degradable. The fibre placed inside coconut coir bed is very friendly for the roots, it helps plants to grow in low fertile soil lands and also in areas where soil is not suitable for cultivation.


Keeps roots moist in dry weather conditions
High water holding capacity
Strong, durable and bristle coir twine
It is easy to handle
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Product Name: Coir bed
Features 100% Biodegradable
Thickness 3 to 4 inch ( 7 to 10 cm )
Width 2.7 ft ( 0.8 m )
Length 4.2 ft ( 1.25 m )
Inner core mattress coir fiber
Weight of plantbed 15 lbs/sy (6.8 kg/sq.m)
Strength of outer case MD : 780 lbs/ft (11.4 kN/m)
CD: 744 lbs/ft (10.9 kN/m)
Open area of outer case 65%
Application Quick wetland restoration. Pre-planted at nursery and installed the pillows with established vegetation. Field installation followed by planting with plugs, bulbs or cuttings.