Growing Medium For Plants

Caly Pebbles

Clay pebbles

LECA (Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate) or clay pebbles are light to dark brown balls which is a great growing medium for plants. Clay pebbles are small particles of burnt clay. LECA is known for its strength and thermal insulation properties. The clay pebbles we offer are 100% natural, environment friendly and non-combustible.

Clay pebbles features water absorption capacity of 7% and ensures proper growth of roots and plants. These lightweight growing media made from burnt clay is widely used in horticulture and hydroponics. This also find application in lightweight concrete, geotechnical fillings, water treatment etc.

The clay pebbles is predominantly used in hobby gardening. Normally 2 to 10mm dia clay pebbles are used for agriculture purpose.


  • 100% natural and eco-friendly
  • pH neutral and porous
  • It provides good aeration for root systems
  • The lightweight features makes it easy to transport and handle
  • Clean and dust free


  • 10 L, 50 L, 100 L PE bags packed in ton bag/carton/pallet (HDPE bags & jumbo bags)
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HS CODE 25084010
Composition 100% clay
Available Grade Size 1-3mm, 3-6mm, 6-9mm, 9-12mm, 12-16mm, 16-20mm
Color Light to dark brown
Appearance Ball
Weight per unit 400 - 700 kg/ CBM
Sum of damage rate & wear rate 3.00%
PH Value 6 to 7 (Stable)
Compression Strength 3.0 - 4.0
Water Absorption 7%