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Trellis is a professionally run organization guided by core values like Commitment, Honesty and old-fashioned Ethics. We focus on inclusive growth encompassing customers, shareholders, team members and partners.

Trellis Horticulture International is promoted by Apex Match Consortium India Private Limited and its a wholly owned subsidiary.

Who We are?

We are Trellis Horticulture International, from the family of Apex Match Consortium India Private Limited. Our goal is to be a one stop Horticulture solution providing company for complete horticulture need of Nursery & Nursery Suppliers, Landscaping Companies, Greenhouses and Home Gardner's.

What we do?

Trellis Horticulture provides products, solutions and services for all horticulture needs of nurseries, greenhouses, landscaping companies, home gardens and more. Team Trellis has in-depth expertise in the horticulture field, vast knowledge of cutting-edge technologies, possesses state-of-the art infrastructure and a fully equipped warehouse. We provide cost efficient products and complete solutions based on customer's specific and unique requirements.


Trellis is a professionally run organization that resonates the traits like honesty, commitment and doing business ethically. Trellis focuses on inclusive growth that includes our customers, shareholders, team members and partners.


We are committed to achieve our vision by sharing knowledge, opening up to wider markets, growing the value chain vertically, horizontally and by providing cutting-edge solutions.

Customers experience

We help our customers experience the joy of nurturing nature, by enhancing their plant yield and enriching their life and environment. We believe that nurturing nature not only enhances yields but also significantly improves the overall quality of life.

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    Exporter & Supplier
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    Tamil Nadu
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    Horticulture Products
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